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Pecks Perfection Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets act as a magnet for dirt, faeces, pet hair, grease and much more.

These contaminates can wear down your carpet and cause more damage if left for long periods of time.  

High traffic areas, such as hallways, will gather up dirt and germs a lot quicker than other areas so these areas should be cleaned more regularly.  

As soon as you see dirt build up on your carpet, it has already started! If you have young children crawling on the carpet then these germs will be picked up!

We provide a great service that will get your carpets looking fresh and clean.
If you just need a freshen up or a deep clean on the carpets, we are here to help?

Contact us for a free quote.

Prices start from JUST £25 Per room with MULTI ROOM discounts available!!  

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